About armed conflicts...

It looks like now everyone will be an expert on the Russian situation and will give their opinion on the conflict, just as two days ago everyone was an expert in virology.

It is worth remembering that PEACE IS NOT THE ABSENCE OF WAR, and that we must work for social justice and understanding between cultures EVERY DAY.

Armed conflicts are the tip of the iceberg and usually come from afar.

The present is the place to work to avoid future wars.

Let’s focus on our reality arround us,  let's encourage the inclusion of people from other cultures and dismantle the extreme-right hate speech.

We must no longer follow the path of hatred, prejudice, racism and xenophobia. We must sow concord, empathy, understanding, respect and listening.

Only in this way will we do everything in our hands to prevent conflicts from becoming armed.


Article author: Pere Vidal - increiblesostenible.org

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