Call to print in 3D protective material for healthcare workers

The Local and Alternative Development Association (ADeLA), from its project Incredible Sustainable, called on March 18 to anyone with a 3D printer in Tarragona area to print  healthcare workers protective screens which were promoted from coronavirusmakers movement.

ADeLA Association is based in Valls and has twenty years of experience in environmental and social volunteering, workcamps for peace, group dynamics and volunteer mentoring. ADeLA / Incredible Sustainable, assumed the initial task of creating the organizational and coordination structures, giving support and supported  the creation of a local maker collective self-managed by its participants in a assembleary and cooperative way. This call initially starts with the hashtag # 3DActivistesTGN to give local visibility, and in the process of consolidating it as a collective, it is named 3dActivistes.

  One week after the call, the group is consolidated and autonomous, with 5 work teams of between 3 and 5 people and a coordinating group of the teams where the most involved or most experienced people in each group are.

 The accompaniment and mentoring ends ten days later when the group already has an participative horizontal structure and dynamics, both in its operation and in its decision-making, which are made by the coordinating group seeking consensus with all members. of the collective.

   3DActivistes participates , coordinates and cooperates with the coronavirus makers movement in Catalonia for printing protective screens,  while also launching three more of its own projects that are in the RiD phase.